About Band

CLOUD THEORY has been found as “Woltran” in İzmir,Turkey in 2008. After it’s creation, they were interested in genres like Heavy Metal, then they changed genre and band name, continued their works in Progressive/Power Metal genre. CLOUD THEORY, in their musical mentality, they intended to talk by using music, from that thought they adopted to story telling. For this mission, they transformed a story into an album, and released an EP named “TORN” that is about the prequel of the album in 2018. At the end of the 2019, the band’s rhythm guitarist, Gökmen Yoldaş decided to move to Japan, so the band’s mission of playing the guitar has left to Mert Kuldemir only. The band has released it’s new single “Seeker of Unknown” on 10.01.2020.

Band Members

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Mert Kuldemir

Guitars, Back Vocals

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Lead Vocals

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Burak Dünal


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Onur Özkara

Bass Guitars

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Orçun Öçgüder